Property Owners Association


The Property Owners Association (POA) represents the Single Family Homeowners and the Townhome Owners.  The Boards of Directors represent the interests of our combined community.  Three Members from the Single Family Homes are elected to the Property Owners Association (POA) Board and three Directors from the Townhome Board of Directors (Condominium Owners Association - COA) are appointed by the Board to the POA Board of Directors.

The POA maintains the front entrance to the property, the planter beds, parkways, fences , our East Pond/Aerators and the wetlands.  Your yearly assessment fee (which is the fee paid in January of each year) is what generates the revenues to fund the maintenance of these areas.


   Larry Greenberg -       President
   Matthew White -         Vice President
   Michael Brown -          Secretary
   Stephen Reichert -      Treasurer
   Katie Zink -                  At Large
   Elsie Bair -                   At Large

POA Management Company:

      Legacy Association Managers
      2600 Oak St. # 1331
      St. Charles, IL 60174
      Eva Drabek - Property Manager
      Phone - (630)783-1541  
      Fax -  (331) 318-8468